Girl in Blue Music's goal is to share music education resources with those who don't have access to music resources where they are. Additionally, Girl in Blue Music seeks to share the message that everyone experiences music differently; there is no one right way to perceive music. Talking about our unique experiences brings us even closer.

Girl in Blue Music is run by Amy King.

Amy King is a music theorist and pianist currently residing in the Chicago area.

She is a current PhD student in Music Theory & Cognition at Northwestern University. She also holds a Master of Music in Music Theory and Cognition from Northwestern University (June 2020) and a Bachelor of Arts in Piano Performance and English Literature from High Point University (May 2016), where she received the Outstanding Senior Music Major Award, which is awarded to one single graduating music student per year.

Amy has been teaching private piano lessons for 12+ years, taught classroom music theory for 5 years, directed choirs spanning ages 4–25, led and arranged for a university a capella group, and composed and arranged music for various soloists and ensembles.

Amy King

Amy King

Music is a magic that can change the world. It starts by connecting us.